Monday, August 2, 2010

August Long Weekend

For us Canadians, August 2nd is a holiday. For this long weekend, Frenchie and I went up to his brother J's cabin for a day and then off to his parents for the rest of the time. Frenchie and I bought a Canon Rebel T2i right before vacation so I had plenty of time to try it out. I love the new camera!!

We celebrated J's 30th birthday with family and friends. The boys went paint balling and the girls stayed at the cabin. Frenchie came back with some wonderful welts on his back. He said they don't hurt, but wouldn't let anyone touch them.

At the future in-laws we spent some time at the lake and on the boat. Frenchie's youngest brother, M got a new puppy with his girlfriend. She is absolutely adorable! Moxie is a poodle-chiuaua. Moxie had a blast playing with Monte, J's kitten.

It was a nice and relaxing weekend. I unfortunately was sick for most of it, but have a new found love for Nyquill. I slept so soundly the first two nights it didn't take long to get over my cold. Thank goodness since it was coming on 2 weeks of having the darn thing.

Enjoy some photos I took with the new camera. I'm loving this photography thing.
The pier
Moxie and Frenchie's Nephew
Monte's Paw