Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Caterer Check!

Frenchie and I met with our Caterer last Wednesday. We will definitely be signing him.
He had several different menus to offer. We had one in mind when we went to meet with him and have now chosen a slightly different one. We are adding in a wonderful pasta dish that we hadn't thought of adding. The menu actually says that the pasta is a red sauce pasta, but he said most people prefer the linguine based on attire, so we could substitute that at no charge. He's also letting us substitute green beans for broccoli.

Our basic menu will be:
Chicken Breasts
Roast Beef (chef carved)
Green Beans

Normally he would include assorted desserts as well at the end of the buffet. As an option, he offered to cut our cake an serve it as dessert instead and offer platters of fresh fruit.
Two things about that.

  1. He won't charge a cake cutting fee.
  2. Fruit is what I would call Frenchie's family dessert. Whenever we are at his parents, fruit is in abundance. We eat it every day after most meals.
  3. Getting the cake cutting out of the way right after dinner makes for more dance time.

The business is a family business started by his father in the late 50's. He was telling us his father has yet to give up the secret seasoning for the potatoes. I thought that was hilarious.

He's also offered to give us discounts on rentals. For linens, napkins and place settings, he is offering them much cheaper than we could hope to find them ourselves. When we explained that we'd be decorating Friday night before the wedding, he said he would come by, have a look around, drop off the decorations we need and pitch it.

It was nice to have a personal conversation with the caterer. He was very organized, has been doing weddings a long time and has great references. I'm so excited that we finally have this check!
He has our date confirmed but won't take a deposit until his new prices are in come September. He said his prices haven't changed in the past 2 years, but if they did, it would be by cents, not dollars.