Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photos Sneak Peak

Frenchie and I did our engagement photos on July 29th. What a blast!!! He even said how fun it was and how much he loves our photographers.
We spent 3 hours doing photos with them. We could have continued for another hour or so I'm sure. We were all having such a blast.
We met the Shelley and Jeff at a Starbucks halfway between where we both live. From there we travelled to this area under an overpass near a beautiful bridge. In this one location we had an old rundown bus, fields, a beautiful bridge, and railroad tracks. Perfect location to get a bunch of different types of photos.
From there we went to a parking garage. This was the nicest parking garage I had ever been in. There was some great architecture and a wonderful glass wall to get some neat photos around.

There are only 4 pictures up for a sneak peak.  In the next 3 weeks we should see more.
Enjoy the sneak peak!