Thursday, June 3, 2010

28/50: The Last Concubine

A friend of mine suggested The Last Concubine book to me. We decided to both read it.

Last ConcubineI liked this book from the get-go. I found it moved very fast at the beginning and I felt like I was missing parts of the story. Once I got a little further in, I realized it was written that way in order to get to the real story.
Sachi is a strong character. I found myself admiring her strength, courage and samauri ways. She was taught to stand up for her beliefs and it was refreshing for a female main character to do so. Bound by duty, she struggled between what she was brought up as, and her hearts desire. I found myself wishing for her to follow her heart instead of her duty.  Closer to the end of the book I found myself rolling my eyes at the cliché love story. The girl has to pick between two men. I had my favorite of the two, but I won't tell you her decision.

I don't know a lot about Japan in the 1800's but I learned a lot. I had no idea there was such a large scale civil war. I love books that can teach me something I didn't know. The way the ladies of the palace lived was so interesting.