Monday, June 21, 2010

Manic Monday: Golf, Soccer, 4 days...

Frenchie was home this past weekend. Unfortunately I had to work Friday (not normal), but it was only so I could take this coming Friday off. Beta and Frenchie got some wonderful bonding time on Friday without me. When I left for work, they were both passed out on the bed sleeping. So cute!

Saturday Beta graduated from Agility Foundations. This class was designed for puppies to get them started in agility. They learn how to go through tunnels, go up the A-Frame, do small jumps, and run between the weave poles.  Beta is a quick learner, and it's certainly improved her fear of strange objects. I was so proud of her!
In the afternoon, Beta went to doggy daycare, so Frenchie and I could go golfing. It was a fun tournament with a bunch of people from my work. Fun times! It would have been better if my forearm wasn't as sore as it was. My prolotherapy treatment from Friday was a little worse off than normal. I had to stop golfing around the 12th hole or I'd be in a lot more pain today than I am. We had a good time and great weather.

Sunday we spent the afternoon cleaning up the yard a bit, bbq-ing and then we headed to watch Frenchie play soccer. We brought Beta with us to get her exposed to more humans. She's fabulous with other dogs, but still skittish near people. She did fairly well and ended up just laying on a blanket with me and chewing on an old frisbee.

I have a bunch of pictures from the weekend, but forgot to load my pictures off it. I promise to post some later.