Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Therapy: Prolotherapy #5

I'm now up to five treatments of prolotherapy.

After treatment four, I lasted a full week before I felt any pain. The level of pain was less, but still there. My wrist got very tired and started to get sore around Thursday the week right after treatment. Could have been the stress I was feeling or the weather. It was much colder out than it has been in previous weeks. I have come to find that when my hands are cold, my wrist is more susceptible to pain. This isn't something new. When you're cold your blood doesn't flow as well. Poor circulation usually means cold hands for me, and subsequently, pain. Think of a person with arthritis that notices more pain and stiffness on winter days.

I'm impressed by how much this has helped me. I feel better about doing activities. I don't feel like I have to be extra cautious (even though I should still be) when doing my workouts. I would love to go back to lifting weights, but I'm just not there yet.

A blog follower, Chowsr from Cogitation on Meditation, has gave me a link to an article that explains prolotherapy a little better than I have been.  Have a read here. One of the authors in the doctor I have been going to for treatment. I feel blessed to have found such a prominent force in the use of prolotherapy as my doctor.

Since having Treatment #5 done, I'm doing much better. The pain is no longer pain (if that makes sense). It's more a feeling of weakness. Even those weak days are fewer and farther between. I will have another treatment (#6) in a week from now. From there, treatment #7 will be 4 weeks out. It will be a test at the point to see how long I can really last without pain. So far, close to two weeks!

To assist with all the stress management, I'm still taking my B-complex and using Rescue Remedy. It's helped a little. I feel less likely to crack at anytime, but there are still a few days where I cry a lot. If after a couple more weeks I don't feel any better, my naturopath said he has something else for me to try. In the mean time, I will continue with the vitamins, the therapy, and I will now add in acupuncture.