Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

After accumulating a few more guests than anticipated, I am happy to say the list is now done. I was freaking out last week on Frenchie because it's the last thing I wanted done before holidays and the answer was always, "I don't have time to look at it". Well, this weekend, we sat down for a total of 10 minutes and figured out who we could safely remove from the list, who we were adding, and how much it was roughly going to cost for food. (We hadn't factored in children that are free or half-price)

I'm so happy to get this check off the list!

Now I just need to get a hold of the caterer we want to do a tasting with and hopefully sign him. He's the cheapest we've found, and his references are quite impressive.

Hooray for wedding things!

On note for someone's wedding other than my own.

My friend from college is getting married this weekend!! I'm standing up as a bridesmaid for her. I'm very excited to go and be there for her. Her fiancé is a wonderful man who helped orchestrate a surprise trip last September for me to go and visit them. He's wonderful to her, and they deserve each other. Very fitting to one another.

For us it's a destination, so I will hopefully have some pictures to post after the wedding and extended vacation afterwards!