Friday, June 18, 2010

365 days....

365 days until I become a Mrs.!!!!
Wedding Countdown Ticker
I am so happy that the countdown can begin. Well my countdown ticker will now begin to move, which is very exciting.
When we first got engaged last August, I thought it was going to take forever to hit that year mark. It turns out that 10 months fly by really quickly!
To recap what I've done in the past 10 months here's a list of things I have checked off my list.
  • Photographer Booked
  • Ceremony site booked
  • Reception site booked
  • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen selected
  • Wedding dress ordered
  • Some bridal accessories bought
  • Centerpieces decided on and some materials purchased
  • Caterers researched; I think we have decided, but need to do a tasting
  • Colors chosen
  • Guest list almost finalized
  • Engagement photo shoot booked
It is phenomenal how much planning goes into a wedding. When we first talked about when we wanted our wedding, I had wanted to do it this year. Looking at it now, I'm glad we still have a year left. The list you see above, is a minor dent in the grand scheme of things. I am thankful that we have most of our large vendors booked already though.