Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Reception Venue

Friday, Frenchie and I are going to put the deposit down on our reception venue. We are using a community hall. This has it's pros and cons. The biggest draw is that it costs a lot less for us to rent. We are able to decide how we want to decorate, what kind of food we want and how the room will be set up. A lot of places that include everything don't give you those sorts of options. You must use THEIR vendors and their vendors only.

One of the perks we wanted was to be able to supply out own alcohol. My future father-in-law is adament that we have an open bar, and that he will assist in buying all the liquor. We won't be getting the best of the best, but there will be a variety of things for people to drink. We will hopefully find a jar of some sort and decorate it to put on the bar. It will say "Honeymoon Fund". My sister did this at her wedding and they got a fair amount of donations.

The bad thing about a hall is that you have to go through the work of finding a caterer. We are STILL looking for someone. We've had outrageous quotes to quotes within our range. I'm lazy and haven't phoned the ones we liked. I really need to get on this. This time next year will be my wedding month!