Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Therapy Tuesday: Prolotherapy #6

Friday I had my 6th treatment.
Leading up to the treatment, Wednesday and Thursday were particularily bad days. I don't typically have a lot of pain, but for some reason, my stress levels and the weather were playing havoc on my forearm/wrist.
At my appointment I explained this to my Dr. He said that he'd hoped this was my last treatment, but I seem to be a challenging case. (My thoughts: You're working with 5 years worth of damage here...)
The solution? Up the concentration of serum. Previously, I was being injected with a 15% dextrose serum. We've not upped that to 20%. Doc seems to think that my body has gotten used to the 15% and therefore, we need to increase it to shock the immune system into healing the affected area again. To me that makes sense, since I do process things quickly. (Lightning fast metabolism)

After the higher concentration, I was in pain for most of Friday. Saturday wasn't any better. I finally decided Saturday night that enough was enough. I took an advil and woke up Sunday with a little stiffness. About the normal amount of soreness I'd have after a treatment.  I'm not sure what happened or if something went wrong, but that was a lot more pain than I'm used to after a treatment.

My next one won't be for 3 weeks now. We're seeing how I do at with that length of time. With being on holidays for a little bit of that, I'm hoping the healing process takes over and is effective. I'll be off the computer for a while, so that will certainly help things.