Friday, June 4, 2010

Fitness Friday: Stag, Hip Hold and Assisting

You might have noticed that I didn't post about pole on Tuesday.  Since I am done my conversion to being a Catholic I am making my Friday posts "Fitness Friday". Unless there is something that I really want to blog about on faith, you're more likely to get posts about fitness.

Pole on Tuesday was great. I had a set of moves in mind that I wanted to try. We added a new student to our class since it's been changed to Level 7+, or Advance Development, (AD). She seemed to get along good with us. She even attempted a few advanced moves and did pretty well!

We started with Hero. It's a move we learned a long time ago, and never really do anymore. Here is me doing the Hero pose from Christmas 2009. I haven't gotten a new photo of the move recently. Copyright to Deviant Optiks.
Looking at this photo now, I'm seeing that I need to drop my hips down a little further. (my own critique, but it's hard to know where your body is in relation to the floor when you're up there.)

Another move we learned last night was the Stag.  I have a nice bruise on the top of my foot from class this week. (Trophy!) I am not in the full blown pose in this pic. I actually should be grabbing my back foot with my hand to create a finished look. I have trouble doing a forearm hold and it's required in this move. Something to work on.

Hip Hold. I had trouble with this one. I couldn't get a grip with my armpit to create a full anchor with it. My leg was definitely sticking in the most uncomfortable spot. (think bikini line) It's the right spot for the move, however having your armpit gripping will help ease the pain and amount of pressure on the leg. I have a nice bruise on my bikini line now. I was sliding in the pic, so it's a little blurry. I definitely want to get this move and be able to put it in a combination.

On another note. I have completed my first 6 weeks of assitant teaching. I assited a level 4 class. Now I have assisting 3 classes, level 1, 6 and 5. I will be assisting a friend of mine which makes it a lot of fun. We are the exact opposite in terms of personality. We get along great and make fun of each other to no end. I hope the girls we're teaching will love it. Neither one of us are afraid to make an idiot out of ourselves if it betters the class. The classes were really fun and I love helping the girls out. The newbies all have a smile on their face when they leave, the more advanced levels leave looking beaten and worn out. Perfect!

After teaching last night, I am sore. I was already sore from my own class on Tuesday. Another 3 hours has left me wimpering. It will all be for the better in the end. The more pole I do, the stronger I become, thus, the more moves I can learn. So really, assisting is just like a workout.