Friday, June 11, 2010

Fitness Friday: Poling in the Park

You read that title correctly. Poling in the Park.
Sunday my friend brought her Star Stand-Alone pole and set it up near the community centre hockey rink near my house. She normally plays ball hockey, so 2 hours before her game, we poled. A student of ours showed up as well which was very exciting. Hopefully the next time we have an outdoor pole jam more people will show up.

While we were setting up the stage, a man and his two kids walked by. His comment: "That's a cool portable table. Handy!" Yes, portable table.... I can see where he got the idea from since the base of the stage does look like a table top. You'd flip it over and put legs on it and voila! Table. He left before he could see what it really was.  A few teenagers walked by and looked as us funny, but no one really says a whole lot. There were a few cars drive by and you could see the drivers looking out their windows.

All in all, it was a successful pole jam. I finally got Extended Butterfly! With the heat we had that day, the pole was extra sticky so I had no issues with grip. You would think in the hot sun, the pole would be hot to the touch, but it wasn't. It got sticky as the afternoon went by, and since we weren't practicing spins, this was perfect. The base of the stage is black however, so you couldn't stand on it for very long. Since we were on the pole, you can't use sunscreen. Lotion = no grip = bad. I burned my shoulders really badly.

Here are some pics of me and Adara (our student that came)