Monday, June 14, 2010

Manic Monday: City Chase and Dog Park

Calgary had an event this weekend called City Chase. It is a Canadian event that is held in several major cities across the country. I got to be a part of the Calgary leg. There were 550 teams (1100 people) that stopped at the checkpoint I was working at. That's a lot of people that left knowing pole is fitness.

Polejunkies participated in the event as a point participants could stop at for a stamp. We were responsible for teaching teams 3 moves. Once they had performed three moves, they received a shot of energy drink and off they went. It was a blast teaching people. At some points, we had 12 teams in at once, one team per pole.  I only worked 4 hours of the day event, but I was tired at the end of it. What a thrill!!

Follow this link for pictures!

On Sunday, I had a lazy day of relaxing. I needed it.  Beta and I went for a jog in the morning, which has spurred me on to take up the Couch to 5K Challenge. I'm not a horrible runner, I just can't go very far for very long. I'd rather rollerblade, bike or walk. I'm starting to realize now that with Beta, I need to learn to run. I don't trust my balance on rollerblades to take her with me yet.

After the jog, I got a phone call from Frencie's parents. They were going to stop by and take me for brunch! It was great to see them and brunch was delicious! We ended up going to see some showhomes afterwards so they could stretch their legs. It was another 6 hours home in the car for them.

When they dropped me back and the house and took off, I called up a friend for a dog park trip. She brought over her two dogs and off we went. It was so busy on a hot day. The girls ran around the large play area for quite a while and when we felt they needed a cool down, we went down to the river access. They had a good time jumping in the river cooling off. I think we ended up spending a total of an hour and half at the park. You would think Beta would be tired after that but she was awake for a good part of the evening. I took her over to the neighbours while I had a pop with them on their patio to try and tire her out some more.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We finally got some sunshine and it was finally hot out. Sadly, the forecast says rain all week :(