Friday, December 10, 2010

Fitness Friday: P90X

Frenchie and I are doing the P90X.

I write that as a statement so it's out there and fact. He has already done it once and reached his goal weight (for that point in time). Then he went away to a camp and worked for 6 months effectively undoing all the hard work he did. It's hard to get a workout in and eat healthy when you're working 14 - 16 hour days, looking for a new job and having to eat in a cafeteria.
I have a photo shoot in January and with the wedding coming up, (really the honeymoon) we both want to get in shape. Our goals to get that are different, but the P90X will satisfy them both. He wants to lose weight and slim down; I want to gain some muscle definition. Win-Win.
Today is day 7. I am pretty much a ball of hurt right now and I don't anticipate that going away at any time in the next 12 weeks. If it does, it's time to push myself harder. Today is a rest day, but we are going to do the X-Stretch DVD because we are both pretty inflexible.
I did take "before" pictures of myself but I won't post them until I take the "after". It's not that I'm embarrassed, or think I'm overweight or anything like what you'd think. It's because I have a pretty good physique already and I typically get criticized for wanting to have a 'better' body. Most people I know don't understand why I work out at all. I'm already "skinny" as they say. Well my friends, I work out because I want more muscle. I want to be stronger, healthier and have better posture. I want to relieve some stress. These are all the secondary reasons people get out of a work out, but never have the intent of accomplishing.
My thoughts so far:

I dislike Tony and his stupid comments and how proud he is.
I dislike the hurt he gives my body after a good workout.
I love that the program makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something.
I love that Frenchie and I can work out together.
I love that the exercises really aren't that complicated and the workouts themselves aren't that big a time commitment. An hour out of the day is minor in comparison to what you get out of it.

Only 11 more weeks to go!!