Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Since everyone makes them, I figured I'd make some too. I've broken them down by my three categories. Books, Fitness and Life.

I have set my reading goal at 50 again. I passed my goal by 4 books in 2010. With the wedding coming up, my reading will get the backseat come June.
I'll be participating in the Nest Book Challenges. In Winter last year I made 195 points. I would like my goal to be 150 for each of the seasons, but we'll see if I get there.
I'll be doing the EBook Challenge put on by The Ladybug Reads. See my post about it here. 12 ebooks in one year. This should be doable since all my Outlander books are eBooks and all my Harry Potter books are as well.
I want to get through a lot of the books I own. I have 46 that I own on my to-read list. I only have 16 that are borrowed and that is all from family except one. No hurry to finish them just yet.

Frenchie and I are doing the P90x right now. We just started week 4 after a small break over Christmas. I like the program and without Frenchie, I think I would be too lazy to do it. I'm thankful we're in it together. He's far more motivated than I am.
I want to do another one or two performances this year at Taboo again. I got out of pole for a little while and I think I may take a break after this next session just to concentrate on the P90x. My body can only do so many things before it gives out and shouts "You're doing too much!!"
I WILL get my 6 pack abs again.

The most obvious one is get married. We are 5.5 months out and I am worried I won't get everything done. There are a few nagging tasks that once complete I can rest a little easier.
I want to concentrate on my faith this year. I became Catholic last Easter, but I feel like I haven't truly embraced my faith. I do attend church regularily, but I don't do anything outside of that. I would love to find a bible study of some sort. I don't have the motivation to do it on my own, but having a friend or two do one with me would be great.
I want to keep this low-stress thing I have going on. Since losing my job last year I realized just how stressed out I was, mind body and spirit. I was at a breaking point and I want to never go back to that place again. It was scary, not only for me, but for those that love me.
I will keep in better touch with my friends. I have my besties that live in different provinces from me and I miss them dearly. I want to phone more often. There's nothing better than a phone call from a distance friend to make a week perfect. I always say I'm too busy, but sitting on the couch in front of the TV isn't an excuse. You will be in my calendar friends!!

I want to love more deeply. I want to keep in better touch with my family. Tell them I love them more. Teach my nieces what it is to be a strong woman (I know they're all under 4, but still, can't ever start too early!) I want to embrace that child innocence and get some of it in my own life. They love life so fully and experience things all new. As an adult, we shouldn't lose that wonder.

Happy New Year everyone!!!
I'm saying good riddance to 2010 and hugging 2011 hello.