Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: It was all too perfect

Everything so far has been perfect. Nothing was going wrong, save for a few hiccups that were easily dealt with.
Today is the first day something has gone really badly. I have been stressing a little bit about what to do about my hair and makeup. For myself and 3 bridesmaids I was going to have 1 stylist, my regular hairdresser come to the hotel. She's fantastic and have been going for 3 years. I never really thought about the time it would take to do all our hair until I started talking about it with people. Turns out, that would be at least 3 - 4 hours worth of time for one person to do us all. I don't want to have to sit around that long and wait. First off, I plan to sleep in a little. (who are we kidding, I'll be up at the crack of dawn excited.) I also need to eat at some point and want to be able to enjoy my meals rather than shovel them down. I'm one of those people that would forget to eat given all the excitement and wind up passing out during the ceremony from low blood sugar. I'm planning the morning around when I can eat so everything else needs to fit around that. After being told it would take 3 - 4 hours, I started worrying about timing.

I figured I could work that bit out, no problems. Next hiccup, my stylist is pregnant with her first baby. She is due in April and will have a 2 month old around the time of my wedding. Super excited for her, don't get me wrong, I'm just worried about her availability on that day. A 2 month old is a lot of work. Typically they need to be fed every few hours. I don't know what her plans are for feeding (BF or bottle) and that's none of my business. It does however affect me on my big day if she has to either bring her baby, or only has a small window where she can be away from the baby.

I emailed her and asked for some facts. I'm a bit of a control freak, and I like to know ahead of time what the deal is so there are no surprises. I asked if she has 2 other people she could bring with her to cut the time down. I asked if she had a back-up plan in case something happens with the baby and she can't make it.

Her reply was to either go to a salon if I'm that worried, or hire someone else.

So basically, she quit. I'm now without someone to do my hair the day of.
At this point, I can either:
  1. Cancel my makeup artist and go to a salon that will do it all, losing my depost for the makeup artist.
  2. Find a new hair stylist that will bring 2 people with him/her and keep everything at the hotel. 
I don't know what to do!!