Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 1: 15 Facts and a photo

I had a hard time coming up with 15 facts about myself that weren't super lame.
  1. I’m a geek. I love computers, electronics and convincing me to buy an electronic doesn’t take much effort from my fiancé.
  2. I have an addiction to books. If you follow my blog at all, you know I LOVE to read. Books are a wonderful escape from reality.
  3. I pole dance. I love it! I even teach it. There is nothing better than having a class of complete newbies leaving after 6 weeks smiling and laughing and saying they can’t wait to come back for another level.
  4. I’m the baby of the family.
  5. I am a natural blonde and I do not dye my hair. Ever.
  6. I used to be “four-eyes” before laser eye surgery.
  7. I have a small tattoo.
  8. Action movies are my favorite. I have a quota per year of chick flicks I will see and it’s very low.
  9. I’m a complete dork. I can on occasional be seen dancing around like a maniac, singing at the top of lungs, just to get a smile out of someone when they are feeling down
  10. I’m a control freak. Perhaps freak isn’t the right status, but it’s close.
  11. I rarely wear makeup. I’m lazy. It’s not the putting it on part, it’s the taking it off. I’d rather not bother with it at all then spend an extra 10 minutes taking it off.
  12. I had horrible acne as a kid.
  13. I find it easier to get to know people online then in real life. It’s sad. I wish I had more IRL friends. Life gets so busy going to work, the home, sleep, repeat. You don’t take the time to really get to know someone face-2-face.
  14. Starbucks has become a daily ritual.
  15. When I decide on something, that’s exactly what I do. When I want something, I don’t tend to change my mind.

Here is a picture of me from our wine tour in Kelowna, BC.
Quail's Gate
Originally uploaded by Stella.Amour