Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: The Dress

If you were expecting a picture, you will be thoroughly disappointed. I will not post a picture on my blog. Never know who's reading it!
I can tell you that it fits perfect! As long as I don't lose any weight, it will fit perfect in 6 months from now too. (flame away. my problem is weight loss, not weight gain.) It's stunning, beautiful and I'm in love with it today as much as I was when I picked it out! (maybe more since this one is my size!) I did not want to take it off!

There are only a few alterations that need to be done. I figure I can do these early next year since I already have my shoes. I'll wait until close to the day to see if it needs to be taken in at all.
- cups in the bust.
- a bustle (not sure how I'm going to bustle it yet. Need to investigate this)
- Move the button for the straps.