Sunday, May 9, 2010

24/50: Nightlight

Nightlight: A ParodyI got this book from a friend on the Nest Book Club in a book exchange.
I had briefly heard about Nightlight right before the exchange and added it to my wishlist thinking it would be amusing. It's a parody of Twilight.

I thought this book would be hilarious. I loved the Twilight series. I read it in no time flat, completely ignoring life around me until the series was done. That said, I was looking forward to reading some witty writing making fun of it. You can't have an unbelievably successful series, and not have a parody of it.  Sadly, I was disappointed.  While I appreciate the attempt, it fell short.

Perhaps I didn't quite understand how far fetched it went. The play on names was great. Belle Goose, Edwart Mullen, Joshua (for James), Angelica (Angela), etc. It was funny in that respect. I did appreciate that the writers not only brought in elements of Twilight and Eclipse, they also brought in quips about Stephenie Meyers other book The Host. Having read The Host, I chuckled knowing that a lot of people may not have got that part of the joke.

Most of the things I didn't like were not because they made fun of Twilight, but because they didn't do a good job of poking fun. This may be where I misunderstood the parody portion. I can't think of a way that would have been better, but it just wasn't funny.

Even thought I would only give it 2 stars, I will pass this one on to my other Twilight friends just so they can read it.  It was a quick read (about 2 hours tops) so it's not a big commitment.