Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Therapy Tuesday: On The Pole

I can't really say that pole has been very theraputic lately. I've been struggling with one move for about 3 hours over the past few weeks and I still can't get it. I figure I'll cut my losses and work on it another day when I'm a little stronger.

I'm actually pretty frustrated with pole right now. I feel like I'm plateued and can't get any more moves than I already have. Instead of thinking of that as a negative, I think it's my body telling me to stop, work on the moves I already know and perfect them. We get so caught up in "what's next?" and "I saw this move and I want to try it" that we forget about what we already know.

There are several moves that I can do. Can I do them consistently? No. That's my new goal. To start focusing on the moves that I'm "okay" at and try to make them consistent. I have a bit of brain block on a couple older moves and the only way to push past that is to do them over and over.

One thing about pole, the more you do a move, the stronger you get, the easier it gets because of the strength and the easier new moves will be. Pole is a set of building blocks. You have to start from the bottom of the pile of blocks before you can put the middle or the top block on. We often forget this and try to do moves that above our strength or comfort level. We need to step back every once in a while and focus on the basics. Only when we have the basics will the advanced moves come.