Monday, May 24, 2010

Manic Monday: Victoria Day Weekend

This weekend for us Canadians is a long weekend. For Frenchie and I it turned out to be 4 days long. We both got Friday off and Monday is a national holiday. We got 4 full days together and it's been great. Today we have nothing but relaxing and going to the park on the agenda.

Friday we took me to my fourth prolotherapy treatment. See my post tomorrow for the results. I took an hour and went and got my hair trimmed and then we spent the afternoon at home with Beta.  We went to the dog park and tired her out. To our surprise she went into the river! Sadly we didn't take the camera. Today we will and hopefully she'll go in again. There was two dogs chasing a ball their owner was throwing in the water. Beta decided on her own that she wanted the ball too. It took her a couple of tries, but eventually she went into the water up to her belly. She did a couple of funky looking jumps to get out of it. She looked like she was having a blast. My only concern is the current. She's still pretty small and we're not sure if she can swim yet or not. She had her feet on the river bottom last time. I guess we'll find out!

Friday night we went to Robin Hood, review is here.

Saturday we took Beta to agility class and trained to go through a tunnel, over small jumps and up the A-frame. She did wonderful and got over her fear of each one very quickly. I think this class is going to be great for her. It's super fun, she's tired after and I enjoy going with her. She certainly won't ever go into any competitions, but we'll take a few classes.

After the classes we dropped Beta at home and then went for a massage. A wonderful 90 minute massage. We've been trying to find new spas to go to in the city that a) aren't too expensive, b) will do a 90 minute massage, c) we enjoy and find relaxing.  The spa yesterday was called Swirl Spa. They are very holistic and natural which was very different for us. The sitting room had a couple of chairs and some books. It felt like being in someone's living room. The massage itself was amazing. They used aromatherapy oils which was very relaxing. I chose lavender and jasmine for mine. Frenchie chose a citrus combination.  I find when I get a massage I leave feeling greasy because of the amount of oil they use. This place used an oil that didn't do that. It was completely absorbed by my skin and moisturized it. At the end, they even gave us what was left to take home!

Saturday night we went over to celebrate my brother-in-laws birthday. We had pizza and Crave cupcakes. I love hanging out and playing with my nieces. They are growing so fast and amaze me at how much they can say and know. They pick up on everything!

Sunday was Frenchies day to play sports (he's hurting today and I'm laughing at him). I pimped him out to play ball hockey with a pole friend of mine. They needed a goalie so I offered up his services. He played for about 3 hours until I ran to tell him he was going to be late for his soccer game. He came home, changed, ate a snack and then went to soccer. Today he says his quads are on fire and he hasn't been that sore since he did the P90x.

It's been a wonderfully relaxing weekend. I've really enjoyed having him home for 4 full days. I'll be sad when he goes back to work tomorrow, but luckily it's for one less day!