Monday, May 10, 2010

Manic Monday: Poor Beta, Body Worlds, Iron Man 2

This weekend our poor puppy was spayed. We don't want little puppies running around our house, so it was the best thing for her and us. We are also in a contract to have her done by June 1st.

Friday we took her to the vet early in the morning and dropped her off. I am so comfortable with our vet and all the staff that I didn't worry about a thing. We knew she would be completely fine and well looked after. When we picked her up around 4pm she was so groggy and tired she slept the entire evening. I feel so bad for her, but it was needed. She now has a giant incision on her belly that we have to check and make sure she's not licking. Thank goodness they are self-disolving stitches so we don't have to get the vet to remove them. I'm pretty sure she slept most of the weekend away, going from one bed to the other. I can't imagine how uncomfortable she is not being able to lay down as she would like to, and having us carry her up and down the stairs.

While Beta was at the vet. Frenchie and I took the opportunity to spend some time together. We headed to the Body Worlds exhibit right after dropping Beta off. The exhibit was incredible!! I had read about plastination in the book Stiff by Mary Roach. It was one of the more interesting chapters by far. It was creepy to see some of the bodies and knowing that they were someone's loved one.  The human development portion of the exhibit was weird and oddly fascinating because I've never taken biology in my life. They had embryos up to 9 weeks old. I had no idea we started out so tiny and developed like we do.

After Body Worlds we went to the movie theatre for popcorn, pop, candy and Iron Man 2! Fantastic! I did my review Saturday here.

Saturday was a relaxing day. Beta needed to be monitored so we watched a bunch of things on the PVR that we needed to get rid of.

Sunday we did our respective phone calls to our mom's. Happy Mother's Day!!

It was a really relaxing weekend together. Too short as always, but nice to spend time together and just relax.