Monday, May 31, 2010

Manic Monday: Relaxing Weekend

I had very little to do this weekend so I spent the majority of it with Beta. While she slept, I spent my time with tea and a good book. Beta hasn't been feeling too well, so she slept a lot. (Bonus reading time!) We did go to the park and to agility class. That tires her out quickly.

It was a pretty lazy weekend and just what I needed. 
Friday night I went to the pub with a pole friend of mine. It was hilarious because as soon as we walked into the pub, we both took note of how high the ceiling was. It's habit now. Anytime I hear someone say they have 9 foot ceilings I turn a bit green with envy. That would be fantastic for a pole! After dinner we walked down the street and had dessert at Nectar Desserts. It was amazing! Very cozy place to hold up on a raining evening.

Saturday night I had dinner with my RCIA sponsor, who is really more of a friend than anything else after spending 2 years together.  We always have wonderful conversations. After a great dinner we went and had ice cream for dessert.

Sunday was a stay in the house day. I gave Beta a bath in the evening so she would be clean and smell nice for when Frenchie gets home this week. She's always so fuzzy and soft after a bath. I find it funny that most dogs dislike the bath part of the process. Beta hates the drying off part. I gave her lots of treats so hopefully she gets better the more often we do it. She's not the kind of dog that needs to have a bath often. Only once a month at most unless she gets really dirty somehow. We've had a lot of rain lately, so she was a little 'wet dog' smelling.

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