Monday, May 3, 2010

Manic Monday: Pole Workshop

Friday night my parents came into town and stayed at my house. My sister brought her two girls over and we all had dinner together. It was a blast! My nieces love Beta, unfortunately, she doesn't love them back. She's very skittish and tries very hard to stay away from humans other than myself and Frenchie. The girls want to play with her, but all she really wants to do is go to sleep after a long day at daycare.

Saturday I spent some time over at my sisters. Beta enjoyed being in the backyard and slept the entire evening away after so much playtime and fresh air. It was great to be over there visiting with everyone and enjoy a family dinner.

Sunday I went over to my sisters for lunch and then popped over to the dance studio for a pole workshop. I did a lot of driving that day. After the workshop, I drove home, picked up Beta and went back over to my sisters to hang out with my mom and dad. It was a great weekend, not too eventful. Sunday night I dug out some scrapbooking materials and sat in front of the TV trying to get through some pages.

The pole workshop I attended was a virtual workshop. Cruella Steele (a fellow instructor) and I met at the studio to take the workshop together. It's way more fun to have someone else around than to do things on your own. Plus, it got me out of the house.
Our workshop was with Karol Helms. She is USPDF Miss Sexy 2010. I took the intermediate/advanced class. We learned a total of 5 moves, 3 which I could sort of do by the end. One thing I learn from these workshops is that there is an endless amount of moves you can learn. Whether they be the same move combined with others in a unique way, or something totally different.  I had a great time and can't wait for my next workshop, virtual or real-life.