Monday, May 17, 2010

Manic Monday: Weekend Recap

These weekend recaps seem to be all about Beta. I may have to rename them.

Saturday I was supposed to go to an agility class with Beta. It was cancelled. I was supposed to go for dinner with a friend, she got sick. It was just me and the dog and even though I wanted to kill her at some points throughout the day, it was nice to have her. To break up the day I went to the dance studio and poled for awhile. More on that Tomorrow.

Sunday was much more eventful. My friend came over with her dog Charlie (a Beagle) for a puppy play date. Charlie turned 4 on Sunday! We let the dogs get acquainted in the backyard and then headed to the off-leash dog park. It was very busy and a lot of fun. Once we figured we'd tired the dogs out enough, we headed back to my house for a BBQ. We had burgers, fries and salad. It was nice to have someone to sit on the patio furniture with.  Once Charlie and my friend left, Beta and I sat outside. Or rather, I read and Beta slept. It was beautiful weather, I wasn't going to sit in the house. Best part of the day? Beta gave my friend a puppy hug! The last time my friend came over, Beta would not be in the same room. I think since she brought a friend for Beta to play with, she was ok to hug haha.

Manic Monday - walking to work and thinking about what I left on Friday has been causing severe anxiety and it's only 8am. I can see this is going to be a lovely day.