Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Therapy Tuesday: Prolo #4 and Natural Medicine

Since my last treatment (2 weeks ago) my wrist has been up and down with pain. I am definitely seeing some results and a lot happier. The first week after the last treatment brought about some odd things. The Monday and Tuesday after, my wrist was very sore. This was odd since the pain usually didn't set in until later in the week. Luckily, those were the only two days I had any significant pain. There was some discomfort at the end of the first week, but nothing out of the ordinary from working on a computer for 5 days.
The second week went much better. The Tuesday was the worst pain and it didn't require any Advil or heat on it. The wrist was just weak and made it a little difficult to pole for any length of time. (How convenient that it hurts on the Tuesdays I have dance class)
At my appointment, the Dr. assesses the area where he puts the treatment and noticed the affected area is becoming smaller. The places he has to put the serum has become a lot smaller and that shows great improvement.

We will probably go on to do 6 or 8 treatments in total, depending on how things progress. I am over the top excited that I'm getting less and less pain, and when it does occur, it's less on the scale.

While I was getting my treatment, I thought I'd inquire with him about stress management and stress relief. He is a naturopath and deals with that sort of thing. I told him I have been experiencing anxiety attacks, some weeks more than others.  He said that the most common reason for people being unable to handle stress and stressful situations is due to a B-vitamin deficiency. He recommended that I take a Hi Potency B complex daily. For when the anxiety attacks occur, he recommended I buy a spray/pill/drop (it comes in all those forms) called Rescue Remedy. It it supposed to help calm me down during the situation as it happens. I opted for the spray. I haven't had to use it yet, but I will certainly let you know if it works or not.