Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: 13 Months

Yesterday was 13 months to the day! I can't believe how fast it's coming up to the year marker. We still have so many things to take care of! With what I wanted to have done by June of this year, we're pretty well on track. We are still looking for a caterer, but that's the last big vendor we need. The cake baker and florist can come later.

I have a mini list in my head that's growing like crazy. I can't contain it or remember everything. There are so many little details that I would never have thought would make a big difference. Mostly the decorations. Given the expense of the caterer (of what we've seen so far), the decoration budget is taking a big hit. Hopefully doing some DIY projects will help that. the biggest problem with DIY is that once you're done them, you have to find someone that will set up either the night before (which requires a bigger payment for the hall) or the day of the wedding (which means it has to be someone other than me and my immediate family). Then you have to completely trust the people that are doing the decorating to do it right. I'm still unsure about this part.

I'm still hoping to win the lotto so paying for things isn't going to be an issue. Dreamer aren't I?