Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: I said Yes!

To the Dress!
Saturday I had an appointment to go back to the bridal shop I had first found the dress I really liked. I had several dreams about it a few months ago, so I figured it's time to make an appointment and get sized to order it. My parents came down for this purpose. I really wanted my dad to see it since he's purchasing it for me. I won't give details about it, but trust that it's gorgeous!
In approximately 4 months it'll be in at the shop all shiney and new. I can leave it there up to 2 months for storage. This works out well since I will have to have it hemmed and bustled by a seamstress.
I now have 4 months to find my wedding shoes. I can't get it hemmed until I know what height I am actually getting. My biggest decision now will be what color? Pink or Green?

I also ordered my garter for the garter toss. It's a surprise for my hubby-to-be, so I can't give you details on that either.

Since Frenchie was last home, we've also decided on bouquets and boutonnieres. Pink and yellow gerbera daisies and blue irises for me and my groom. The boys will have iris boutonnieres and the girls will have yellow gerbera daisies. We will still have to figure out alter flowers and what we're doing for the reception, but it's a start! I figure if we know the bouquets, the florist can suggest what to do for the rest of them.
A weekend of checks! I'm very excited to start checking more and more things off.

Sometime soon my sister and I will be going to a couple of hotels to check out the rooms/suites and then Frenchie and I can decide which one we will book a bank of rooms at for our guests.

By the end of June, I imagine we will have all of our vendors, and the guest accomadations booked. That only leaves the little details.