Friday, March 26, 2010

Faithful Friday: My decorated Candle

As promised, last week I decorated my candle with my sponsor.  The candle will be used at my confirmation at the Easter Vigil. After two years of hard work and classes I will finally become a Catholic. Everyone thinks I am doing the conversion for my fiance, but that's not the case. I had decided before I met him that I wanted to have a religion. I was baptised as a child in the United church, but never went to church ever. I attended a Luthern University, but not until my last year did I start attending chapel.
Now, in a week's time, I will enter the Catholic church. I'm very excited. More for the whole process to be complete. It's been a long time coming.

I finally got aroud to loading up the pictures. I'll post a picture and explain the meaning for all of you.

The Dove:
This represents my past. It is to represent the Spirit of Jesus. For me, I was lost and searching for something but knew there was someone larger than this world looking out for me.It also represents the Gifts of the Spirit. I was given the gift to enter into the RCIA. It was my choice, but I somehow felt called to it.

On the corresponding side of the candle, the words Hope, Search and Believe are true to where I was in the past when I began this journey.

The symbol of fire represents Confirmation.
This is where I am in my present. I will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation during the Easter Vigil. when I am confirmed, I will be Sealed With the Spirit.

The words corresponding are Seek, Faith and Pray. I have been seeking through this whole journey. I found faith, and have begun to pray.

Next year, I will be married. This symbol represents my future. It's very hard to tell, but the symbol is a Cross, with interlocking rings at the bottom. Marriage is a three person commitment. Myself, my Husband and God. It represents faithfulness to both, and equality.

The corresponding words are Joy, Love and Grow. These are all things I will have in my future.

I will take my candle to my RCIA class on Wednesday and tell my fellow Elect the meaning of my candle. I am very excited to have it lit.