Friday, March 5, 2010

Wedding Update

With everything that's been going on in my life, the wedding has been the last thing on my mind. In the midst of all the chaos, we have managed to do a little bit.

At the wedding fair, I won a gift certificate for $150 off to this one particular DJ. The guy I talked with seemed to have his head on straight and was very personable. I found he knew what he was talking about and seemed to have a grasp on what a wedding DJ should be like. In order to keep the gift certificate, I had to book a free consultation.
Last weekend we met with these guys. Fabulous! They are offering no overtime charges, manned cocktail/dinner music, and were very clear that whatever we don't want played, they won't play. I thought the meeting went great. I thought what they offered surpassed that of what I've seen offered on others websites. They are the cheapest (thanks to the gift cert.) and I really don't feel like meeting with any other DJ's.  I'll have to compile a list of our other potentials and see if there is a huge advantage to going with another company. I can't see that there is, but my fiance likes to look at all the options.

Next week I have several appointments booked at various bridal shops. My 3 bridesmaids and my mom are all going to be in town. A while ago, I went through a bunch of magazines and dog-eared a lot of pages for dresses that I liked. Keep in mind that I did this mostly on my commute at 6am and wasn't quite coherent. I've been going back through several of the pages and taking out the ones that I really don't like anymore. There seems to be a theme for those that I like so that will help narrow it down a little.
It will be nice to go. I know it's still early, however, things in the city take longer than most places. This was one weekend where everyone could come down all at once. Hopefully I can find a dress, get the bridesmaids to try on a few dresses and see what happens from there!