Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Therapy Tuesday: On the Pole

One-armed spin combos. Hooray!!
I need to work on conditioning my body so they are easier. I can manage to do a 3 spin combo with one arm. Only one though. I'll have to come up with a few more combinations in order to build the strength.

Lazy-one-up into a butterfly. Didn't think I could do that. I tried it and voila! No problem at all. I had to do it a couple more times just to be sure it wasn't a fluke.

Also go the catepillar push 3 times. My record before was doing the move twice in a row. Now I can do three! Next is working on four. When I can successful do the move five times in a row, I will push myself to start doing the catepillar crawl. This is when you climb up the pole backwards.

All in all, it was a great class. I accomplished something, I had a great workout, and great conversation with the girls.
I heart pole!