Monday, March 22, 2010

Manic Monday: Jogging, Poling, Baking

I had a lot of time to myself to sit and comtemplate and read. I finally curled up on the couch and read!!
Friday Night:
Decorated my Confirmation candle with my RCIA sponsor. It was so fun to have her over for dinner, wine and crafting. I finished my candle finally after she had left. I will post some pictures of it on Friday with a description of what all the symbols mean to me.

Saturday: Beta is an early riser. 8am early. I normally am not up that early on the weekend, but I anticpate it being the norm until she's older. To combat all the energy she seems to wake up with, I have taken up jogging... kind of. I'm not a runner, I don't do cardio. I think that may change with having a dog. She seems to like walks if she's in a familiar area and will run along side me for the brief moment that I jog.I anticipate myself becomming a morning and evening jogger just to expend her energy and get some time to myself.

Haircut day! I love getting my hair cut. My hair dresser rocks. She always has a smile, and makes me feel beautiful. We discussed wedding hair, and the design I posted on Wednesday she thinks will work great. I only have 7 more cuts before the wedding!! Time to start growing out the fringe.


Repeat beginning of Saturday. Yes, I went jogging again. It felt good to get outside. I keep telling myself that I'm only doing it for Beta, but I can see myself starting to enjoy getting outside in the quiet morning.

Dance workshop day! Two hours of online workshops that focused on the pole on spin mode. To explain, there is a small pin in the base of the pole you can remove to make the actual pole itself will spin. Using spin mode requires your body to be in a different position, and using your momentum differently. My forearms, and entire upper body is stiff and in pain. Lifting my arms above my head may prove to be difficult today.

After the fun of the two workshops, I decided I should bake. My best friend had brought this amazing pumpkin loaf the last time she visited us. I found the cook book and made two loaves for myself. They turned out pretty good and I'm excited to snack on them. I froze one so my fiance could take it with him to work and have a little piece of home in the cold north.

I hope everyone's weekend went great! Anything new and exciting?