Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New week... where's the bad stuff?

I thought after the work week things would start to look up. They did sort of.
I decided it would be best for me to pack up Beta and go home to my parents. They have a dog, so we could throw her in the garage and she could play and play and I could get a break.  That portion of the weekend was great. The getting there wasn't.

Saturday 8:30 pm, on the busy highway, I got a flat tire. We're talking "holes in the side of the rubber" type flat. I didn't wreck my rim since I pulled over soon enough. I was in a bad spot though. Just acrossed a bridge, thankfully it was at the bottom of a hill so people could see the hazard lights from a long way coming. I immediately called my parents. They were leaving as soon as I hung up. Then I called AMA and they sent a tow-truck to change the tire. (It finally paid for itself to have the membership.) By 9:15 I was on my way to my parents house with a scared puppy who'd gotten sick, a donut for a tire and the impending doom of having to buy a new tire the next day.  I ended up with 2 shiney new tires. Apparently the ones on the back I was driving with were pretty well bare of any tread.

So given that it's Tuesday, the only bad thing that has happened is a migraine (expected with the weather change) and some colder weather. Only 2 more sleeps until my fiance comes home. I think I can survive that. I just hope that's the worst of it.