Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: I'm dreaming of a....

Beautiful white dress.
I had three dreams this weekend about it. They went like this:
Dream 1:
I was trying the dress on in the store with my Dad there. He is buying it for me, so I want him to see it before he does.

Dream 2:
I was twice the size I am now and at one of the last fittings. It still fit and looked great. I felt plump and happy. (well, plump for me...)

Dream 3:
I am walking up the aisle, with the dress bustled (why? no idea). The ceremony was a nightmare, but I looked great!

It's a sign.
I need to call my parents and set up a time for them to come down and see the dress again. Hopefully by that point I'll have put on a little weight and won't feel as grossly skinny as I do.

We have also picked a DJ. I know I never posted any other meetings and for good reason. There weren't any. I did some internet research on some other options and just judging by their packages the other DJ's offer, the guy we met with is the best. When we met with him, he was very professional, and gave us what we wanted without having to ask.

Now... onto the caterers....