Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wedding Update: Dress

As I said in a previous post, this weekend was wedding dress shopping. My two sisters, my best friend and my mom all came down to do the trek to 3 stores with me. I had originally planned to go to 4, but after going to the first one, I cancelled the last appointment.

(Sorry, no pictures on the blog. I don't want it out there for all to see before the big day.)

I now have two dresses that I love. I'll refer to them as dress 1 (which I found in the very first store) and dress 2 (which I found in the last store). They are very similar in style, but have quite different accents. They have different necklines, different skirting and different material. The bodice is almost the same on both. Dress 1 is not your typical dress. Yes it is strapless, but the neckline isn't one you can characterize. It's not sweetheart or straight. Dress 2 has beautiful sparkles that shine in the lights.

I will have to go back and try on the two dresses once more and bring my dad with me so he can see them. There is only $100 difference in price between the two, so that isn't a factor. Sometime early June or July I'll have him come down so we can make a deposit and get me fitted!!

One thing that surprised me about shopping was the addition of the veil. I was sure that I would never want a long veil. Turns out, the only kind of veil I want is a cathedral length. I tried one on and fell in love with it. The way it drapes down the back and over the train is gorgeous. I tried this length of veil with both dresses and it works with both.

Since I had my bridesmaids with me, I also had them try on dresses. I found my color (Sharmrock) in a dress and had them try it on. Hideous! We are definitely not having shamrock as the color. Just based on the dresses, I believe it is going to be clover or olive colored instead. Still in the green family, just not as bright.

It was a good wedding weekend. I managed to find 2 dresses, decide against my original color and discovered I want a cathedral length veil.