Monday, March 1, 2010

Autobigraphy... what a hard thing to do

I am currently in counselling to help manage my stress. In an effort to cut through all the 'get-to-know-me' parts of the sessions, my therapist has asked me to write a short one pager autobiography bringing out significant events that have occured over my quarter-century life.

So far, I have a page worth of bullets from age 1 - 18. I haven't even started writting of the years I was in University, let alone the past 3 years which has changed my life profoundly.

I'm trying to narrow down what is significant and what is not. Obviously life events such as deaths, births, marriages are all in there. Significant relationships.. check. First broken bone? Probably not significant, although it did impact my life and show me that I can bounce back and do something amazing. Or I was just foolish. First after school job? Probably not something to include. It made me some extra cash for the movies, but that's about it.

Should I include people that have impacted me? My calculas teacher, english teacher, comsci prof and pastor all hold dear places in my heart. Friends? There are certainly some friends that I would die without in my life.

If you were to categorize 'significant events' in your life, what would be included? Make a list sometime and see what is truly important to you. What really impacted your life to the point where you remember it to this day and will never forget?