Friday, July 23, 2010

Fitness Friday: Back to the gym

Brief history of my workout haitus:
In July last year, my fitness level dropped to nothing. I started to get a lot of pain in my right wrist (more than usual) and wasn't able to do much. In my post August 6, 2009 I was completely lost. Not able to pole, lift weights or do anything that involved weight on my wrists. I stopped poling until September 2009 and then started up again. I had to be very careful to take care of wrist. Ice, heat and ice after each class. Other than pole once a week half-assed, I wasn't doing any other type of exercise. Up until April 2010 I was doing one pole class a week.

April I started doing my prolotherapy treatments and since then, I have increased my pole classes. I do my own class once a week, and teach two - three. Every once in a while we'll have a pole session in the park and that will be for myself to work on things. Since doing prolotherapy, I have been cleared to start going back to the gym.

I'm happy and apprehensive about going back to the gym. I do not want to hurt myself again and that has had a huge impact on me not going back sooner. I'm scared. I don't want to jeopardize my wrists and my pole life with an injury. I went to my trainer yesterday and she was so happy to see me. She knows my issues and has developed a program that will work around that and supplement my pole workouts.
I told her my goals:
  1. Work on legs, abs and butt. These are my weak areas since pole is more an upper body workout for me with the moves I'm doing now.
  2. Start slow. With all my anxiety and stress, I need something slow to start off with. I want to do 2 days a week and ease back into fitness. I feel ready to do something about my stress. Exercise is one thing I know I can do to help.
  3. I have a boudoir photo shoot in January and I would like to have very little photoshop done to my pictures.
This brings me to today. Monday I will start my new program. I've added a page on my blog for you to go and see the workout.
I figure doing 2 days at the gym, 2 nights of pole and stretching whenever I can, I should be whipped into shape. My body takes well to exercise as long as I keep doing it. Watching what I eat will come with time. Having Frenchie home will really help with eating healthy lunch and supper. We absolutely love cooking together!