Monday, July 19, 2010

Manic Monday: Fun weekend, even better monday morning

Frenchie has a good start to the weekend, while I relaxed. He went to an interview Friday and said it went well. They told him they'd let him know sometime this week one way or the other.

Saturday we went to Inception and we both loved it! Click here for the review of it.

Sh*t My Dad SaysAfter the movie I decided I wanted to buy the book "Sh!t my Dad Says" for Frenchie's oldest brother. He has a son who's 11 months old and I thought this book was hilarious. Not a lot of really useful advice, but very funny. I figure I'll inscribe it with "I hope you can use some of the advice in this book to raise a good son" or something to that effect. He'll get a good chuckle out of it anyways, and that's the point.
As soon as we entered the book store I completely forgot why we went in, even though it was my idea. I started scanning the shelves and receive a text "Behave, I'm watching you" from Frenchie. He could see me from the Starbucks line.
I ended up at a table talking with a new author who was promoting her first published book. I bought a copy and she signed it to me. I randomly went to my first book signing without even knowing! What's even better is that she is a local author, Aviva Bel'Harold. Her book is called "Safe"

Sunday I met two friends in the park for a pole jam. We effectively cleared out the playground when we set it up. I did however manage a couple of new moves I've been working on. Friday's post will have some pictures for you to see. After the pole jam I headed home to prepare for a BBQ with some other friends. They brought their dog over with them and we enjoyed a wonderful Steak and Shrimp dinner. They left overly full and their dog was tired.

Monday morning news
Frenchie got a new job! He'll be no longer doing his 10 days on, 4 days off. He'll be back working in the city and we can get back to our normal life. He leaves to do his last shift today and then he's done. After our August long weekend he starts his new job. I am more excited than words can express.