Saturday, July 17, 2010

Movie Review (15): Inception

Oh My God. Wow

Frenchie and I just got back from seeing Inception. I am completely flabbergasted and disoriented and amazed at what I just saw. Absolutely incredible!!

The complexity seemed easy to follow at first. You had to be fully aware of what you were watching. If you missed one little comment or detail, you were probably going to miss something big. I followed the show pretty well, with a little thought and attention and review of what level of dream the cast was in. Was it the first dream? A dream within a dream? Further? Then the end hit. WTH? I'm going to be thinking about this movie for a while to come.

Leonardo Dicaprio did an amazing job. I'm becoming a really big fan of his. I do need to see him in some different roles now though. Ellen Page was great. Her role as an architect in the dream world was intriguing.

The depths and complexities of this movie will never make sense after one viewing. I think after seeing this show several times you'd begin to see things you missed. I don't know if seeing it several times would bring any sense of it. I think it is so complex and beyond normal thought, it may be impossible.

I would rate this movie 5 stars. I don't usually give movies that high a rating, but there is no doubt that Inception deserves it. Christopher Nolan used gorgeous special effects, fabulous actors and a storyline to rival others.