Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vacation Post - Wineries

Frenchie and I took an extra day in Kelowna after the wedding to do our own version of a wine tour.  We traveled to 6 different wineries, tasted at all of them and purchased a bottle or two from each. It was great to have a day together to have some fun. We came back with 15 bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne. We plan to keep the bottle of champagne for our wedding night.

We started fairly early in the day after meeting the new married couple for coffee again.  After such a long day of tasting, we ended up going to bed around 7:30pm and sleeping through until morning. Tasting is a lot of work!!

Quails' Gate Winery

St. Hubertus Estate Winery Ltd.
They had this cool old truck outside the cellar. Great photo opportunity!

Mission Hill Winery
This winery exudes wealth. It was absolutely beautiful.

Cedar Creek Estate Winery
They had a beautiful rose garden at the pavilion for this winery. There must have been a wedding earlier in the day because there was still rose petals forming an aisle on the grass.

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  1. Looks like you had wonderful weather! Such a fun day trip.


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