Monday, July 12, 2010

Manic Monday - Lazy weekend

Calgary Stampede has officially started. Lucky for me, I get an extra day off work the day the Stampede Parade rolls through downtown. Friday was parade day. Since the main roads through downtown are blocked, my company gives everyone the day off. Yes, you read that write. I get a day off because of a parade.
With that said, Friday being a day off, my sister and I went bridesmaid dress shopping. (See next Wednesday's post.)
I did a bit of shopping after I left the bridal stores and found myself a really nice long flowy skirt. It's incredibly comfortable. I need to go and pick up another one.

Saturday was another lazy day. I got my haircut in the morning, took Beta to the park in the afternoon, and then sat in the house while it poured rain all afternoon and well into the evening. It was nice to have the hot sun but I'm always thankful when it rains overnight to cool things down.

Sunday I drove to the other side of the city to my friends house. Our morning started out with Banana-Walnut waffles. They were delicious! I must remember to get the recipe from her. After breakfast we took her dog, Charlie and my puppy and headed to the dog park near her. It's much more fun to go with another person who has a dog. When the park isn't busy, at least both dogs have someone to chase and play with. they chased each other as we walked to one end of the park, they chased each other back. Then a few more dogs showed up when we were about to leave, so they chased those dogs too.  Charlie was exhausted and ready to go home. Beta wasn't all that tired. I swear puppy energy is infinite around the 7 month mark. Beta is at the point where she doesn't need a lot of naps during the day now.

After the park, I dropped Beta at home to nap (I hope she napped... she looked like she was waking up when I got home). I met my sister at another bridal shop and continued to another one in search of more dresses. (See next Wednesday's post.) We stopped for lunch after, saw the World Cup final, and then both went home.

It was a wonderful weekend. Some parts seemed to drag on, but those are mostly when I'm alone at home and am lost for things I want to do. There's a mile long list of things to always do, but sometimes you just need to sit and be bored.