Friday, July 23, 2010

Fitness Friday: Poling in the park - Take 2

Cruella Steele and I met at the park near my house for another Sunday Pole Jam. We had another student show up again this time around. I love seeing new people come and enjoy the sun doing something with love.

Here are a few pictures.


I've been working on getting this one consistently from a gemini hook. It's coming along. I find I think about it so much and have trouble getting past my brain block. 


Flag isn't one I've been working on. You need a lot of upper body strength and I don't quite have that built up enough to hold this move for longer than a picture snap.

Brass Monkey

I learned Brass Monkey in the Jenyne Butterfly workshop I attended last week.
After seeing this picture I know now I need to work on my leg position. This will come with time when I know that my body can hold this move and I'm not focusing solely on the hold portion.


The Tammy is a move that I learned in level 6 (I'm now in level 12). It's one of those moves that looks really cool, is easy once you understand where to pull your legs and what to squeeze.