Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Registries and Catering

There is a debate on my wedding forum about doing or not doing a honeymoon registry.
Here are my thoughts before
When we first looked into it, sounds like a fabulous idea. The place we looked, your guests can purchase things for you to do on the honeymoon rather than just giving you money towards it. I would think it would feel more like giving a gift. What a great idea! I could see myself buying a massage for a happy couple or a candle light dinner.  I could see people wanting to purchase something for us that way.

Look a little closer. Most of the places your guests buy you a 'gift' isn't really a gift. The money goes into a pot and the couple is then cut a cheque for all the 'gifts'. There is an illusion of purchasing a gift. You may be required to purchase those 'gifts' on your honeymoon and then you get refunded the money.

Thoughts now
I was invited to a wedding and they had a honeymoon registry. Not the 'gift' kind, but one you call or go in and put money down on. I absolutely hated this and waited until the last minute to do so. Yes, that's coming from someone who wanted so badly at the beginning to do a honeymoon registry. I felt like I was paying for their vacation and was being forced to do so. Rather than give cash or a gift card, I felt I was being told to pay for a part of their honeymoon. I don't like being told what to do, and this just threw me off. Obviously I could have just sent a card with cash. I know that. But that's not what they wanted.
I agree that a honeymoon is a very important part of the wedding process. I can't afford to take my own vacation right now, let alone pay for someone else's. And really, is the monetary amount I gave (which is what I would have paid for a gift) really going to make a difference?

Compare this with another wedding I'm attending that doesn't have a registry at all. I could either buy the couple a random gift, or look for a local store near them to buy a gift card from, or give them cash. Still not a fan of this either, but at least I have the option.

Needless to say, after experiencing the guest side of the honeymoon registry, I am strongly against them.

In other news, we have our caterer appointment booked! Frenchie will be home and able to come with me and discuss the menu.