Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sony eReader

I caved, I bought an Sony e-Reader. I have been so back and forth about it, that I just decided to go for it. I love holding a book in my hand. The smell of a new book just opened, the battered spine of a library book borrowed many times... Bliss!
As much as I love those things, Frenchie and I will be taking a long vacation next year and with the amount I'm reading this year, I can't imagine lugging around a ton of books on vacation. I'll take a few, don't get me wrong, but lessening the load would help a lot.

My intention last night was to go to Chapters and buy a Kobo eReader. My coworker had brought his in and I looked at it thoroughly. Using it and seeing that it would take library epub books sold me.

I posted on facebook that I was heading to buy one. A friend's husband told me to wait and ask his wife about her Sony eReader. I called her up and we got to chatting about it. She wanted to sell it because she didn't want hers anymore. Only 6 months old, a bunch of books on it, and she never used it as much as she thought.

I drove over to look at it and bought it! She left all the books she had on it and gave me the case too. I can't wait to get started loading it up and organizing what's on it already. I'm very excited to have another option for books.

A fellow blogger, Julie over on Book Hooked Blog wrote a post
the other day about eReaders. It got me thinking about what eReaders mean to other people. She brings up some great points and it's worth a read whether you are pro-eReader

In response to her post, I do not plan on replacing all my current print books into digital form. I love my library and the books in the stores and on my shelf. My e-reader isn't to replace print whatsoever. I love printed books. The eReader is only to make life a little easier while commuting or travelling. Taking 6 books on a plane for a vacation can get heavy. If I can take 3 less because they are in digital form, all the better.

I hope that one day printed books stick around. They can be heirlooms, antiquities and somewhat of a comfort in years to come. I can't imagine buying my nieces an electronic book for a birthday. What fun is that?

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  1. :) Thanks for the mention! It's awesome that you were able to get it already loaded with books! And I'm glad you'll be keeping your print books around.


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