Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vacation Posts - The Wedding

Frenchie and I drove from our home to Kelowna, BC for the wedding of my old college roommate Jess. I was to be a bridesmaid for her. Duties included: keeping her sane and not freaking out, keeping the other bridesmaids on time, and making sure the Groom did not see the Bride. 

The day started with coffee at Good Earth Café. We then went for hair and nails. I now still have beautifully manicured bio-sculpted nails. So fun!

After that we headed for lunch. We headed back to her house to get her dressed and ready to walk down the aisle.  I played photographer and tried to get those really neat detail shots. They didn't turn out great, but what can you expect from a point-and-click camera.

The ceremony and reception was all in one location. A heritage church was fitting for these two. With about 60 people the setting was very intimate.  The reception was an appetizer meal. There was servers wandering around the grass and table areas with platters of food. Jess' husband designed the menu. Very tasty!

Jess' father-in-law had a tradition to share called "Cutting the Champagne". He took a sword and cut the top of the champagne bottle. Very impressive! Something I had never seen before. We saw him come out of the building with a sword and wondered what was going on.

We spent the majority of the evening playing croquette.  Once it got too dark, we sat at a table with some people we had just met and chatted. All in all, it was a very fun wedding.

I am so happy I got to stand up for Jess on her day. It was wonderful to be there for her and her new hubby.