Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Therapy Tuesday: Prolotherapy #6 & #7

I just realized I never posted about Treatment #6.
It went like this: I got the injection, then I was incredibly sore for 2 days to the point where I couldn't use my right arm. Why you ask?
The ligaments were pretty inflamed going into the treatments. The point of the serum is to create inflamation to promote healing. Inflamation + inflamation = OUCH!
I ended up taking an advil (bad bad of me) to bring it down a little and then everything was great.

I'm up to 7 treatments now. Since treatment #6, I have had maybe a day or so of pain other than the first two days, which as stated, were due to the injection, not my regular 'use pain'. It's been about 3 weeks total. We're now stretching things out to 4 weeks. Considering I'm having a lot less pain, and getting into feeling only weakness, that indicates that the treatment is working. Woohoo! I asked the doc about why my wrist/forearm gets so weak now after working a 5 day week.
Here's why:
The ligaments connecting my forearm muscle to my elbow were very weak from injury and overuse. Now that the ligaments have been healed and are much stronger, I am experiencing the after affects of atrophy of my forearm muscle. The muscle shortened and tightened to make up for the weak ligaments and now that it's being used properly, it's weak and needs to build up strength.

This makes me very happy. I'll probably only have to do one or two more treatments tops!
I started these treatments April 20th, 2010 and after 5 years of pain and agony and not being able to do certain things in life, I'm finally getting some well needed relief in a total of 4 - 5 months.
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