Thursday, July 15, 2010

Movie Review (14): The Secret Life of Bees

I posted my review of the book a couple of weeks ago. Click Here to view it.

After reading the book and loving it, I had to watch the movie. My mom happened to have it with her when we were camping, so I grabbed it and brought it home.

There are a few sutble differences, and a few added scenes, but all in all, it follows the book pretty well.
Most of the really important parts were kept the same. A few detail scenes were cut, but that's usually for obvious reasons. In a book, you need to describe things in detail and sometimes before a scene even happens. The movie just goes right into them.

Just a short review since there's really not much else to say. The book review covered the story and how I felt, the movie just put those thoughts and feelings onto the movie screen.
I think they cast everyone pretty well, so that was nice to see.