Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses

My oldest sister and I spent Friday looking at bridesmaid dresses. I wasn't a horrible bride and didn't force her to try on anything hideous. At least not on purpose. There were a few that looked nice on the hanger that were awful on.
It's hard to find a dress when they never have your color. For some reason, blue is the color of bridesmaid dresses most stores carry. I want green. I started out wanting a kelly green color or shamrock. Turns out, that color looks awful on every one of my bridesmaids. Now we're on to a darker shade of green, borderline hunter green I suppose.
Sunday we went again. One beef I have with stores. Just because we're not there to try on wedding dresses, doesn't mean you can treat us like crap. Bridesmaids are important too. I was wandering around one store in the bridal section looking at veils and hair pieces waiting for my sister to arrive.
Saleswoman #1: Do you have an appointment?
Me: No, I'm waiting for my bridesmaid. Thought I'd take a look around at veils and hair pieces.
Saleswoman #1: Bridesmaids are down the hall, you'll have to go there.
Really? I'm looking at bridal accessories and you're basically kicking me out. B!tches!
I wander down to the bridesmaid section and started pulling dresses I like. A different saleswoman comes in.
Saleswoman #2: Can start a room for you? You're a bridesmaid?
Me: I'm waiting for my bridesmaid, my sister actually.
Saleswoman #2: I'm going to start you a room in the other part of the store. It's easier for me.
Me: Oh, ok. I'll just wait for my sister and pull some more dresses and come find you.
----- my sisters comes in at this point ------
Saleswoman #2: Oh we can just do it here I guess.
-----She plops the dresses in a room and proceeds to stand and watch us.-----
Really? What is with this store? It was rude central. My sister said that the store hasn't changed in attitude since she was looking at wedding dresses 10 years ago.

We tried the dresses, took some pics and then left to another store, which by the way was super helpful!