Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Out of Towners

Frenchie and I chose to get married in the city we live in. It's easier for us to plan, easier for us to do, and that means it's harder for everyone else. Other than my sister, a few cousins and a couple of friends, all of our guests live out of town.

As the bride and groom, one of the things on our list is to provide the out of towners with hotel information. I can finally check this off my list! I phoned two hotels that Frenchie and I picked. They are halfway between the ceremony and reception venue. Both close to each other with lots of amenities around.

Another check done!

This week I need to call our potential caterer and set up a meeting. Now that Frenchie is back in early August, we'll both get to go and meet with the caterer and make a decision together.