Thursday, February 4, 2010

9/25: 300 - Frank Miller

I read "300" for the "read a graphic novel" task in the WBC. This isn't so much a book review as it is a book vs. movie review

300I have seen the movie adaptation of this book at least 6 times and can't get enough of it. The story, the graphics, the actors ;)!! I thought I'd pick this particular novel mostly to see how different the story was from the movie.
I am IMPRESSED! Ready the novel was like watching the movie in print. I could not believe that the filmmakers honoured the novel so closely. They even honored the way the characters locked. While I was reading it I told my fiance that it was as if they took the novel and put it right into a screen.

Since seeing the movie for the first time, I knew that picking this book I would love the story anyway. I read it mostly just to see what the differences were, and I couldn't find too many. Obviously the movie added in some entertainment value and extended this seems a little bit, but the basic storyboard is the same.

I must make time this week to watch the movie again.